Student and Parent Testimonials

“My son Ethan always loved classical music and a few years ago he expressed an interest in learning classical guitar. It took us a while to find a good teacher.While most of guitar teachers claim that they teach “all styles”, it often isn’t true in regards to classical guitar. Thus we were so happy to find Timur! My son really enjoys practicing and his lessons, he just passed his annual music examination with honor and we bought him a new guitar!”

DeAna G.(parent)

“I am a a very busy doctor and researcher and haven’t touched my Spanish guitar since college.About 5 or 6 years ago I decided to get back to playing guitar and met Timur.He opened a whole new world for me! I could never imagine that guitar is capable of producing such a beautiful sound and performing such a complex music.Timur not only teaches me how to play guitar better, he expands my knowledge of music. He is very patient, I am so happy to have a privilege of taking lessons from him!”

William S.(student)